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PT. Ginting Jaya Energi Tbk (GJE) is an oil and gas contracting company specializing in service and rig procurement in Indonesia.

With more than 30 years of experience, GJE has been partnering with PT. Pertamina EP in drilling well operations, workover and well services. This service is carried out with high-specification rigs whose numbers continue to grow as GJE's business expands.

Not only focus on reliable services and sales of quality products, but GJE also opens rig rental services. The company's journey continues to be developed with results that show positive performance and full of achievements.


As long as humans still need oil, drilling wells need to be treated for a certain period of time to carry out oil and gas well maintenance activities. If not, the production of oil wells will decrease and only produce salt water, even stopping. This is where GJE comes to provide high standard well care services based on health, safety, and environmental aspects. As a superior and resilient company supporting the oil and gas industry, GJE always prioritizes professionalism, so that in its business practices GJE always builds long-term partnership relationships with business partners based on the principles of trust and reciprocity.

Become a professional and trusted energy services company



• Providing energy services with an excellent service
• Prioritizing health aspects, work operation safety, local wisdom and environmental preservation
• Achieve and maintain customer satisfaction with quality services and products in accordance with the standards requested by customers based on the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) program
• Fostering good relations with stakeholders and clients



The Meaning of the GJE Logo

1. Elephant symbolizes wisdom, faithful, clever. If you have a wise heart, then of course you become loyal and automatically has a good Team Work, certainly not afraid of changes and continue to learn in facing all the challenges of changing times, in the pursuit of mutual success.

2. Elephant is one of the native animals of Sumatra which is in accordance with the Company's founding place.

3. Elephant is the dominant creature in the world, in accordance with the aspirations of the Persero to become a Leader Player in the national oil and gas industry, especially in the WOWS field.

4. The gold color of an elephant symbolizes genuine purity (noble intentions at work), becomes a profitable investment like precious metals for all stakeholders and investors, and is not timeless when faced with the changes of all times.

The red color reflects tenacity and firmness, and courage in dealing with various difficulties.

Green reflects the energy resources that are environmentally friendly.

Blue reflects reliably, reliably, and responsibly.

Black reflects down to earthiness, caring about workers and work partners.

PT Ginting Jaya Energi Tbk Rig

GJE is one of the national contractors with the largest multi-function rig fleet in Indonesia.

GJE's rig is a multifunctional rig that is used as a workover,
well services and fishing jobs