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Bustanul Fikri

Commissioner & Head of Internal Control

Born in 1958 and successfully climbed his career and was trusted by Pertamina to be responsible for many numbers of company assets both from the laboratory, the head of the production, the field manager to the director's expert staff.

With decades of experience, Bustanul Fikri joined Ginting Jaya Group in 2015 with responsibilities as commissioners and auditors within the company.

Nelly Chandra


Born in 1971 began her career with CV Chandra Utama and proved her capability to serve as Director of the company.

Nelly Chandra later joined as Co-Owner in PT Ginting Jaya in 1990 which later developed into the Ginting Jaya Group business group. He contributed by serving as Commissioner in PT Ginting Jaya Energi since 2011.

Eddy Hidayat Lim

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Eddy Hidayat Lim is the founder and figure who raised Ginting Jaya Group. His expertise as an entrepreneur succeeded in bringing Ginting Jaya Group through several crisis periods in Indonesia and grew rapidly in the span of several decades.

Before establishing PT Ginting Jaya in 1998, Eddy Hidayat Lim has been engaged in the oil and gas industry since the age of 15 when he began working for several oil and gas contracting companies

Tantowi Hidayat

Vice-President & Deputy-Head of Internal Control

With an Economic Management background, this 1974-born man successfully moved in various fields of business.

Before joining Ginting Jaya Group, Tantowi also had experience in his family business, Waste Water Treatment to General Trading.


Corporate Secretary

Senior bankers that trusted by several Indonesian banking institutions to lead business units and branches, including BCA, BDNI, AXA Life, Bank Danamon and several other local banks.

Ginting Jaya Group believes that his experience in the financial and corporate industry are very strategic for the company's future development

Jimmy Hidayat

Chief Financial Officer

Jimmy Hidayat is a graduate of Carride College and Curtin University. Throughout his career which began in PT Ginting Jaya Energi since 2013, Jimmy Hidayat has experienced filling several strategic positions and strengthening himself as an important asset for the company

Tommy Hidayat

Chief Marketing Officer

This Bachelor of Economics is a member of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI).

Before being trusted to hold a strategic position at PT Ginting Jaya Energi in 2012, he had previously served as commissioner for PT Ginting Jaya since 2011.

Nizam Pasha

Chief Operating Officer

Graduated from Electrical Engineering started his career as an entrepreneur since 1998.

In 2005, the Palembang Bowling Center entrusted its operations to Nizam Pasha before finally joining Ginting Jaya Group in 2007. He was also trusted as Director of PT Ginting Jaya and PT Ginting Jaya Energi

Welly Sugiharto

Chief Supporting Officer

This Indiana University graduate from the Kelley School of Business won a degree in Corporate Finance and Operation Management with the title Cum Laude. His social desires were expressed by becoming a volunteer math teacher at the San Francisco, USA Disability Center

His career began with UFLP (Unilever Future Leader Program) at New York, USA before finally joining PT Ginting Jaya Energi in 2014.

Achyan Kori

General Manager - Marketing

Graduate from Mining Engineering, he began a career with Pertamina from 1984 to 2014.

His expertise in the oil and gas sector makes him trusted by Pertamina to carry out managerial responsibilities over various areas; including Pendopo, Jakarta, Jatibarang, Bajubang and others