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The forerunner to the establishment of Ginting Jaya Group and the history of Eddy Hidayat Lim's journey, Ginting Jaya Group Co-Founder.


Eddy Hidayat Lim began his career as an employee of a company engaged in the supply of oil and gas goods / specifically drilling in prabumulih II assets.

Eddy Hidayat Lim started his own business in the same field as a supplier of oil and gas goods, with direct suppliers.

Seeing the rapid business growth rounded Eddy Hidayat Lim to register a limited liability company in 2008, 30th January with the name of the company PT. Ginting Jaya with its business sector remains focused as a supplier of oil and gas goods by becoming a stockist who owns 4 warehouses and adds items in the form of rig sales.

Eddy Hidayat Lim's vision of seeing business opportunities for rig rental services including Human Resources (HR) to Pertamina provides a very promising opportunity for work over and well services jobs. A new subsidiary was formed on April 2, 2011, with the name of PT. Ginting Jaya Energi.

Rig rental business with the crew who have skills from oil and gas for work over and well services PT. Ginting Jaya Energi starts from a rig asset.

As time goes by, the rig and crew rental jobs in work over and well services are still very much needed so that the number of rigs in 2017 expands to 6 (six) units and continues to grow until in 2018 the number of rigs becomes 9 (nine) units.